Business prayers

Business prayers that work


Business prayers are the most important way of handling a business. Business prayers should be practiced daily both in meditation and prayer. As a spiritualist I have joined hands with two mighty spiritual men that include Prophet Bushiri and pastor T.B Joshua that we organize based on schedules for starting businesses and trying but failing businesses. We use the strength of prayer to open the gates of success in your business. Prayer is a very strong and powerful weapon than most people think it is therefore all you need is to make sure that you make a structural business plan for your business before you contact us.

I do business prayers at the business premises and also I do it using the medium of investment for your business which is money for instance if you want to start a business you are supposed to bring the money for investment to be prayed and cleansed before investment to ensure a fruitful investment. If you already having a running business you will make sure that you get the profits from the business I bless them such that they may rip or multiply more profits. As a prophet I don’t charge but you pay me after experiencing the results of my prayers or spells. I accept appreciation as a form of payment for the services I offer to an individual so do not contact me asking for how much I work for because there is no specific amount its you that knows what I deserve after rendering you my services.

Exclusive business prayers: these are secretive prayers that we do for any business men around the world that want to take their business to another level with a team of three spiritual personnel such as prophet Salim who is myself, prophet Bushiri and pastor T.B Joshua. For these exclusive prayers you must contact and book for a date that we come together as one depending on the appointments rose by different people internationally.

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