I go by the names of prophet Salim others call me the business prophet because I have been transforming so many businesses down the road for over 35 years. Since I learned the secret behind my super natural powers my dream has always been to make people happy with the way they live their lives. I am an African spiritualist with the origin from the southern Africa. However I not only help people from Africa but all across the world from any country without discrimination of colour or level of success so nothing should stop you from contacting me if you need my help.

As a business prophet I only help people with growing their businesses, stabilizing their businesses and also taking their businesses to the next level. many out there, with my experience I came to discover that they are failing because they are not lucky or because their luck was blocked by others and so on which is why they need a prophet like I to untie their luck and take it to the next level. When it comes to restoring luck and boosting businesses I have enough experience that it only takes me a handful of days to restore you back to being successful. I have helped many business men in Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, south Africa, Uganda, united states of America, united kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar to mention but a few.

I cast business spells in the USA, business spells in UK, business spells in Kenya, business spells in Seychelles, business spells in Malaysia, and so many others. For those that need exception business sacred prayers you will have to book appointments for the prayers so that I can let you know through the whole process of what is necessary to conduct the prayers. It’s time to bring a successful revolution to your luck or business and the time is now because you never know what tomorrow brings you.

About payment for my service: many business men immediately they contact me they want to know how much I charge but I don’t really have fixed prices and neither do I charge all I do is to do all it takes to help you get over with your bad luck, boost your business and so on and so forth then after you have the results you have been looking for then you will have to pay me in form of appreciation. As a business prophet my happiness is to see all of you making it in life and praising my work by spreading my name business prophet around the world to make history.

For more information about how I can help you feel free to contact me directly or to call me through the contact form below or via whatsapp.